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We have access to the largest selection of Dual styli in the world.

If we still cannot help you, then we can have your styli manufactured for you if you send us your old/faulty one as a pattern.


Product Code DSC433

Product Code DSC299

Product Code DSC717

Product Code DSC318, DN211, DN236, DN237, DN238

Product Code DSC575, 604, DMS240E, DMS242 , DN241E, DN242E, DN411,









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Dual Inc CS Series 


Belt TTB162

CS430 CS435 CS502 CS503

Please Call For Correct Belt Size

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CS504  "  
CS505-2   "  
CS505-3  "  
CS505-4 "  
CS505-5 "  
CS506 "  
CS510  "  
CS521  "  
CS522 Belt  
CS522 Pitch  





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